KLAYOUT Setup lost under Windows XP

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I experienced a problem since last week : I lost my setup and now I cannot customize it anymore. Anytime I try to modify it, the window opens and immediately disappears and is replaced by a an error message stating
Expected a word or a quoted string here: :Right,zoo..

After I Ok'ed the message, Klayout closes!
I looked at the log viewer and the first line is always
ERROR: Problem reading config file:XML parser error: Expected a word or quoted string here: :Right;zoo .. in line 17, column 4235

I believe that last time KLayout worked correctly I had 4 windows opened and I closed them together using the right clik "Close Group" command of Windows. I'm wondering if this created a confusion in a kind of configuration file that saves the setup and creates my issue.

I uninstalled and reinstalled Klayout few times but it didn't help at all. Any ideas? Where are the data of the setup located? Can I remove them to recreate a clean setup?

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    Thank you for that problem report.

    The configuration file is located in you home directory and is called ".layviewrc". If you rename this file, KLayout should start with a blank configuration.

    If it is possible, you can send the original file to the mail address listed on the Contacts page. I will be able to analyze the problem. From you description I suspect that something happened to your key binding settings. You can also try to fix the configuration file by editing line 17. Try to locate the place where it says ":Right". I assume the something is not correct around this location. The correct text there is somethink like "...Left;zoom_menu.pan_right:Right;zoom_menu.pan_up:Up;zoom_menu...".

    I agree in any case, that it's not a friendly behavior to simply exit ;-)

    Best regards,


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    Hi Matthias,

    Thank you so much! Works great now. For record here is what I had in the incorrect command custo :
    Don't know how it happened as I had not modified anything lately.

    Keep this good tool working it's really great!

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    Now that I got it better, may I suggest as a first "quick fix" to simply remove this file when uninstalling the program, or at least make it more visible : I really had no idea under Windows where to look, I checked the registry entries and many more locations. If it were for example in the install directory of KLayout then I would have seen it.


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    Hi Nicolas,

    I guess I think what happened: by coincidence, two instances of KLayout were writing the same config file thus the content got mixed up. This I can avoid by some kind of locking. Since I was spending some effort to keep the configuration compatible when a new version is being installed I would rather like to keep the configuration but implement some less unfriendly error handling if the configuration read fails - i.e. by resetting the configuration or similar.

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