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Hi Matthias,

You describe how to use Packages inside organizations:

I am wondering if it is possible to use "Private" repositories on GitHub? Namely, I would like to require users to get an account on GitHub, then give them access. Or would this be easier done through a WebDAV server (again with authentication) - would KLayout handle authentication, i.e., user name / password?

Presumably we wouldn't post private packages on the public saltmine service.

thank you


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    Hi Lukas,

    "Basic" Authentication is handled by KLayout, so I think you can use private GitHub repos. If you want to keep the packages in a separate dictionary, you can basically use any other web site as long as it is able to deliver a package index in XML format. For details please see - "Deploying inside your organization". However, currently you need to switch the package indexes using the KLAYOUT_SALT_MINE environment variable. So you can use Salt.Mine or your own service.

    But basically package installation can also happen without Salt.Mine or the package manager to be involved - just check out the package in $KLAYOUT_HOME/salt/xyz. Make sure there is a "grain.xml" file describing the package and it will appear in the package manager. If the "grain.xml" file does not contain an "url" tag, it's regarded coming from a different source.

    So for example, to install xsection with out the PM, use (Linux):

    cd ~/.klayout/salt
    git clone xsection

    Best regards,


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