XOR on an area

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How to make a XOR between 2 GDS layout, but only on a defined area, not on the whole chip ?



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    Hi OkGuy,

    that's actually a nice suggestion for a new feature :-)

    right now it's possible to run an XOR on a subregion by creating clips and running the XOR on those clips.

    This is fairly convenient by following this recipe:

    • Start KLayout in editor mode
    • Load both layouts into the same view
    • Draw a ruler from one corner to the opposite corner of the rectangle you want to run the XOR on
    • Use Edit->Utilities->Clip and select "From ruler start to end points" to make the clip. A new cell "CLIP" will be created containing only the region of the clip.
    • Switch to the other layout (drop down box above the cell list)
    • Repeat the clip step for this layout
    • Run the XOR, now on the clip cells

    Maybe that is helpful.

    Best regards,


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