a Text's color is set in Setup, does not follow its layer details

I find it peculiar that test objects on a layer, do not
display as the rest of the layer; all texts use the same
single global color from Setup. Yet they do display
their proper layer/datatype when property-edited.

When using texts as pin-tags it's handy to have them
match their layer so that it's obvious that they are for
this purpose and not just "eyeball notes" in white.

Is this a practical thing to "upgrade", making texts
use the layer edge color (as they seem to not be
filled, rather made of lines / arcs as displayed)?


  • Hi, Dick!

    Our application generates session and sets fill-color property for text layers (text placed in dedicated layers) and this works for us. Also colors could be changed in Colors panel of Layer Toolbox.

  • Hi Dick,

    You can set the text color to "Auto" in the setup - then the texts will follow the frame color:


  • Thanks, Matthias,

    I didn't get that "Auto" meant "Layer_Edge". Thought it
    was just "do what you want, klayout".

  • In this case, KLayout wanted what you did :)


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