Callback a cell

I want to call-back a cell and its parameters to generate an array with different variables.
How can I call-back this cell?
For instance, for a transistor, I want to change its width and length. how can I do that?


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    Sorry, I don't understand. What is "calling-back" a cell?

    Is your transistor a PCell?


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    Yes, my transistors are Pcells. I want to use a script to call-back (use) several Pcell transistor topologies, and change their parameters, and put them in an array of transistors.

  • I see. Here is a recent discussion which shows how to instantiate PCells and form arrays:


  • Hi Matthias,

    I tried to figure out this code but since I am a noobie I couldn't. It would be easier if I have an example of Python.
    Let's assume that I have a Pcell named "Transistor" in a Library called "Test_Lib" which has 4 variables (L, W, Fingers, Finger_Width) I want to create an array of transistors, which has different L and W but with the same Fingers and Finger_Width.
    How should I do that?

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