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KLayout classes

BoxA box class with integer coordinates
CellA cell
CellInstArrayA single or array cell instance
CellMappingA cell mapping (source to target layout)
CircuitCircuits are the basic building blocks of the netlist
CompoundRegionOperationNodeA base class for compound DRC operations
CompoundRegionOperationNode::GeometricalOpThis class represents the CompoundRegionOperationNode::GeometricalOp enum
CompoundRegionOperationNode::LogicalOpThis class represents the CompoundRegionOperationNode::LogicalOp enum
CompoundRegionOperationNode::ParameterTypeThis class represents the parameter type enum used in \CompoundRegionOperationNode#new_bbox_filter
CompoundRegionOperationNode::RatioParameterTypeThis class represents the parameter type enum used in \CompoundRegionOperationNode#new_ratio_filter
CompoundRegionOperationNode::ResultTypeThis class represents the CompoundRegionOperationNode::ResultType enum
ConnectivityThis class specifies connections between different layers.
CplxTransA complex transformation
DBoxA box class with floating-point coordinates
DCellInstArrayA single or array cell instance in micrometer units
DCplxTransA complex transformation
DEdgeAn edge class
DEdgePairAn edge pair (a pair of two edges)
DPathA path class
DPointA point class with double (floating-point) coordinates
DPolygonA polygon class
DSimplePolygonA simple polygon class
DTextA text object
DTransA simple transformation
DVectorA vector class with double (floating-point) coordinates
DeepShapeStoreAn opaque layout heap for the deep region processor
DeviceA device inside a circuit.
DeviceAbstractA geometrical device abstract
DeviceAbstractRefDescribes an additional device abstract reference for combined devices.
DeviceClassA class describing a specific type of device.
DeviceClassBJT3TransistorA device class for a bipolar transistor.
DeviceClassBJT4TransistorA device class for a 4-terminal bipolar transistor.
DeviceClassCapacitorA device class for a capacitor.
DeviceClassCapacitorWithBulkA device class for a capacitor with a bulk terminal (substrate, well).
DeviceClassDiodeA device class for a diode.
DeviceClassFactoryA factory for creating specific device classes for the standard device extractors
DeviceClassInductorA device class for an inductor.
DeviceClassMOS3TransistorA device class for a 3-terminal MOS transistor.
DeviceClassMOS4TransistorA device class for a 4-terminal MOS transistor.
DeviceClassResistorA device class for a resistor.
DeviceClassResistorWithBulkA device class for a resistor with a bulk terminal (substrate, well).
DeviceExtractorBJT3TransistorA device extractor for a bipolar transistor (BJT)
DeviceExtractorBJT4TransistorA device extractor for a four-terminal bipolar transistor (BJT)
DeviceExtractorBaseThe base class for all device extractors.
DeviceExtractorCapacitorA device extractor for a two-terminal capacitor
DeviceExtractorCapacitorWithBulkA device extractor for a capacitor with a bulk terminal
DeviceExtractorDiodeA device extractor for a planar diode
DeviceExtractorMOS3TransistorA device extractor for a three-terminal MOS transistor
DeviceExtractorMOS4TransistorA device extractor for a four-terminal MOS transistor
DeviceExtractorResistorA device extractor for a two-terminal resistor
DeviceExtractorResistorWithBulkA device extractor for a resistor with a bulk terminal
DeviceParameterDefinitionA parameter descriptor
DeviceReconnectedTerminalDescribes a terminal rerouting in combined devices.
DeviceTerminalDefinitionA terminal descriptor
EdgeAn edge class
EdgeFilterA generic edge filter adaptor
EdgeModeThis class represents the edge mode type for \Region#edges.
EdgeOperatorA generic edge-to-polygon operator
EdgePairAn edge pair (a pair of two edges)
EdgePairFilterA generic edge pair filter adaptor
EdgePairOperatorA generic edge-pair operator
EdgePairToEdgeOperatorA generic edge-pair-to-edge operator
EdgePairToPolygonOperatorA generic edge-pair-to-polygon operator
EdgePairsEdgePairs (a collection of edge pairs)
EdgeProcessorThe edge processor (boolean, sizing, merge)
EdgeToEdgePairOperatorA generic edge-to-edge-pair operator
EdgeToPolygonOperatorA generic edge-to-polygon operator
EdgesA collection of edges (Not necessarily describing closed contours)
Edges::EdgeTypeThis enum specifies the edge type for edge angle filters.
EqualDeviceParametersA device parameter equality comparer.
GenericDeviceCombinerA class implementing the combination of two devices (parallel or serial mode).
GenericDeviceExtractorThe basic class for implementing custom device extractors.
GenericDeviceParameterCompareA class implementing the comparison of device parameters.
GenericNetlistCompareLoggerAn event receiver for the netlist compare feature.
HAlignThis class represents the horizontal alignment modes.
ICplxTransA complex transformation
IMatrix2dA 2d matrix object used mainly for representing rotation and shear transformations (integer coordinate version).
IMatrix3dA 3d matrix object used mainly for representing rotation, shear, displacement and perspective transformations (integer coordinate version).
InstElementAn element in an instantiation path
InstanceAn instance proxy
LEFDEFReaderConfigurationDetailed LEF/DEF reader options
LayerInfoA structure encapsulating the layer properties
LayerMapAn object representing an arbitrary mapping of physical layers to logical layers
LayerMappingA layer mapping (source to target layout)
LayoutThe layout object
LayoutDiffThe layout compare tool
LayoutMetaInfoA piece of layout meta information
LayoutQueryA layout query
LayoutQueryIteratorProvides the results of the query
LayoutToNetlistA generic framework for extracting netlists from layouts
LayoutToNetlist::BuildNetHierarchyModeThis class represents the LayoutToNetlist::BuildNetHierarchyMode enum
LayoutVsSchematicA generic framework for doing LVS (layout vs. schematic)
LibraryA Library
LoadLayoutOptionsLayout reader options
LoadLayoutOptions::CellConflictResolutionThis enum specifies how cell conflicts are handled if a layout read into another layout and a cell name conflict arises.
LogEntryDataA generic log entry
ManagerA transaction manager class
Matrix2dA 2d matrix object used mainly for representing rotation and shear transformations.
Matrix3dA 3d matrix object used mainly for representing rotation, shear, displacement and perspective transformations.
MetricsThis class represents the metrics type for \Region#width and related checks.
NetA single net.
NetElementA net element for the NetTracer net tracing facility
NetPinRefA connection to an outgoing pin of the circuit.
NetSubcircuitPinRefA connection to a pin of a subcircuit.
NetTerminalRefA connection to a terminal of a device.
NetTracerThe net tracer feature
NetTracerConnectionInfoRepresents a single connection info line for the net tracer technology definition
NetTracerConnectivityA connectivity description for the net tracer
NetTracerSymbolInfoRepresents a single symbol info line for the net tracer technology definition
NetTracerTechnologyComponentRepresents the technology information for the net tracer.
NetlistThe netlist top-level class
NetlistCompareLoggerA base class for netlist comparer event receivers
NetlistComparerCompares two netlists
NetlistCrossReferenceRepresents the identity mapping between the objects of two netlists.
NetlistCrossReference::CircuitPairDataA circuit match entry.
NetlistCrossReference::DevicePairDataA device match entry.
NetlistCrossReference::NetPairDataA net match entry.
NetlistCrossReference::NetPinRefPairA match entry for a net pin pair.
NetlistCrossReference::NetSubcircuitPinRefPairA match entry for a net subcircuit pin pair.
NetlistCrossReference::NetTerminalRefPairA match entry for a net terminal pair.
NetlistCrossReference::PinPairDataA pin match entry.
NetlistCrossReference::StatusThis class represents the NetlistCrossReference::Status enum
NetlistCrossReference::SubCircuitPairDataA subcircuit match entry.
NetlistDeviceExtractorLayerDefinitionDescribes a layer used in the device extraction
NetlistObjectThe base class for some netlist objects.
NetlistReaderBase class for netlist readers
NetlistSpiceReaderImplements a netlist Reader for the SPICE format.
NetlistSpiceReaderDelegateProvides a delegate for the SPICE reader for translating device statements
NetlistSpiceWriterImplements a netlist writer for the SPICE format.
NetlistSpiceWriterDelegateProvides a delegate for the SPICE writer for doing special formatting for devices
NetlistWriterBase class for netlist writers
PCellDeclarationA PCell declaration providing the parameters and code to produce the PCell
PCellDeclarationHelperA helper class to simplify the declaration of a PCell (Python version)
PCellDeclarationHelperA helper class to simplify the declaration of a PCell (Ruby version)
PCellParameterDeclarationA PCell parameter declaration
PCellParameterStateProvides access to the attributes of a single parameter within \PCellParameterStates.
PCellParameterState::ParameterStateIconThis enum specifies the icon shown next to the parameter in PCell parameter list.
PCellParameterStatesProvides access to the parameter states inside a 'callback' implementation of a PCell
ParentInstArrayA parent instance
ParseElementComponentsDataSupplies the return value for \NetlistSpiceReaderDelegate#parse_element_components.
ParseElementDataSupplies the return value for \NetlistSpiceReaderDelegate#parse_element.
PathA path class
PinA pin of a circuit.
PointAn integer point class
PolygonA polygon class
PolygonFilterA generic polygon filter adaptor
PolygonOperatorA generic polygon operator
PolygonToEdgeOperatorA generic polygon-to-edge operator
PolygonToEdgePairOperatorA generic polygon-to-edge-pair operator
PreferredOrientationThis class represents the PreferredOrientation enum used within polygon decomposition
PropertyConstraintThis class represents the property constraint for boolean and check functions.
RecursiveInstanceIteratorAn iterator delivering instances recursively
RecursiveShapeIteratorAn iterator delivering shapes recursively
RegionA region (a potentially complex area consisting of multiple polygons)
Region::OppositeFilterThis class represents the opposite error filter mode for \Region#separation and related checks.
Region::RectFilterThis class represents the error filter mode on rectangles for \Region#separation and related checks.
SaveLayoutOptionsOptions for saving layouts
SeverityThis enum specifies the severity level for log entries.
ShapeAn object representing a shape in the layout database
ShapeCollectionA base class for the shape collections (\Region, \Edges, \EdgePairs and \Texts)
ShapeProcessorThe shape processor (boolean, sizing, merge on shapes)
ShapesA collection of shapes
SimplePolygonA simple polygon class
SubCircuitA subcircuit inside a circuit.
TechnologyRepresents a technology
TechnologyComponentA part of a technology definition
TextA text object
TextFilterA generic text filter adaptor
TextGeneratorA text generator class
TextOperatorA generic text operator
TextToPolygonOperatorA generic text-to-polygon operator
TextsTexts (a collection of texts)
TileOutputReceiverA receiver abstraction for the tiling processor.
TilingProcessorA processor for layout which distributes tasks over tiles
TransA simple transformation
TrapezoidDecompositionModeThis class represents the TrapezoidDecompositionMode enum used within trapezoid decomposition
UtilsThis namespace provides a collection of utility functions
VAlignThis class represents the vertical alignment modes.
VCplxTransA complex transformation
VectorA integer vector class
ZeroDistanceModeThis class represents the zero_distance_mode type for \Region#width and related checks.