Class Index for Module lay

KLayout classes

AbstractMenuAn abstraction for the application menus
ActionThe abstraction for an action (i.e. used inside menus)
AnnotationA layout annotation (i.e. ruler)
ApplicationThe application object
BitmapBufferA simplistic pixel buffer representing monochrome image
BrowserDialogA HTML display and browser dialog
BrowserPanelA HTML display and browser widget
BrowserSourceThe BrowserDialog's source for "int" URL's
ButtonStateThe namespace for the button state flags in the mouse events of the Plugin class.
CellViewA class describing what is shown inside a layout view
CursorThe namespace for the cursor constants
D25ViewThe 2.5d View Dialog
DispatcherRoot of the configuration space in the plugin context and menu dispatcher
EditorHooksAn implementation base class for editor hooks
FileDialogVarious methods to request a file name
HelpDialogThe help dialog
HelpSourceA BrowserSource implementation delivering the help text for the help dialog
ImageAn image to be stored as a layout annotation
ImageDataMappingA structure describing the data mapping of an image object
InputDialogVarious methods to open a dialog requesting data entry
KeyCodeThe namespace for the some key codes.
LayerPropertiesThe layer properties structure
LayerPropertiesIteratorLayer properties iterator
LayerPropertiesNodeA layer properties node structure
LayerPropertiesNodeRefA class representing a reference to a layer properties node
LayoutViewThe view object presenting one or more layout objects
LayoutView::SelectionModeSpecifies how selected objects interact with already selected ones.
MacroA macro class
Macro::FormatSpecifies the format of a macro
Macro::InterpreterSpecifies the interpreter used for executing a macro
MacroExecutionContextSupport for various debugger features
MacroInterpreterA custom interpreter for a DSL (domain specific language)
MainWindowThe main application window and central controller object
MarkerThe floating-point coordinate marker object
MessageBoxVarious methods to display message boxes
NetlistBrowserDialogRepresents the netlist browser dialog.
NetlistObjectPathAn object describing the instantiation of a netlist object.
NetlistObjectsPathAn object describing the instantiation of a single netlist object or a pair of those.
ObjectInstPathA class describing a selected shape or instance
PixelBufferA simplistic pixel buffer representing an image of ARGB32 or RGB32 values
PluginThe plugin object
PluginFactoryThe plugin framework's plugin factory object