How can I write texts that can be fabricated in my wafer?

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I am trying to use texts for labelling in my wafer. As it has many components, it would be easier to distinguish components.
I found this discussion on the forum but it wasn't helpful for me. So can someone please guide me with this?
Found discussion:


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    I found it myself at

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    The above forum post is concerning doing it via script.

    The easiest way is through the GUI:

     Edit | Mode | Instance (or push Instance in the toolbar)

    choose the Library = Basic

    choose the Cell = TEXT

    click on PCell, then enter your desired Text.

    Choose the physical layer you want the text to appear on.

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    Also note that the text has to be design rule clean if it appears on the wafer. DRC violations can wreak havoc in the fab (low yield etc.). So I made myself a simple alphabet which has worked from 400nm through 28nm.
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    Thank You for your comments. It really helped.
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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm resuming this topic because I can't access the link kindly provided by photonicbishal (might be deprecated).

    While I'm aware of how to instantiate PCells via the Klayout GUI, I would like to know how to instantiate a text PCell using a Python macro.

    All the best, and thank you Matthias for all the hard work!

  • Hi sirfumi,

    Thanks :-)

    I had to upgrade to a new version of the forum software. Because of this, the link format has changed:


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