failed to build klayout on windows

try to Build KLayout on Windows (Version 0.26).

i installed visual studio 2017 community despite of that i have enterprise version.
klayout-bits4msvc2017 unzipped to c:\klayout-bits
run build.bat -bits c:\klayout-bits

the error is unable to find MSVC 2017 installation
by checking the build.bat, the msvc2017 complier is not found. does the path of the complier have to be HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\VisualStudio\SxS\VS7 ?

Sorry that i am new to build.


  • I can't help you with building (for lack of clue) but are you aware that there is a ready-to-go binary distribution?

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    @dick_freebird i am aware of that. But I want to do some debugging and possible development for my own purpose.

  • The installation is taken from this registry key plus "\VC\Auxiliary\Build". You can modify the build script and hardcode any path yourself. But don't ask me where Microsoft would put it's tools. I copied the registry query from the script that initializes the Visual Studio command line shell.

    Whenever I need to touch anything on Windows I want to yell at these Microsoft people ... so for the sake of my own mental health I'd prefer not to get involved too much there.


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