New web site styling ... please give feedback

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I'm currently cleaning up the web site somewhat.

You can check the latest version here (not entirely functional and might be broken temporarily because I'm working on it):

I'd welcome feedback.

Caution: the staging page uses a separate database for the forum. So everything you put in there will be lost.



  • Looks like it's got everything that I come to the forum for, and a bit more "marketing friendly" look to it (for whatever that's worth).

    I am getting a lot of Firefox "invalid certificate" / "expired certificate" warnings presently, at the "old" site ( This could be an artifact of rearrangement?

  • Thanks for your feedback :)

    "marketing friendly" wasn't my intention - more like "being as catchy as all the others". And the look is owed to increasing demand for mobile device compatibility.

    My SSL certificate expired for a few hours. I guess you caught that during this period.


  • It is now up but I could probably still comment: all amazing.
    I can see not much changes from the previous structure but a lot of great visual and even more comprehensive for all levels.

    If I could allow myself a remark it would be about searches through website or the forum: I still happen to still search often my content using google instead of the proposed search fields.

  • Thanks for the feedback about the search feature. It's not really elastic search yet, just a keyword query in a SQL database. It's not high on my prio list, but I'll try to consider it on occasion.



  • Thank you for your awesome work Matthias! The new website is amazing! The new functionality of LVS seems that will help for not experience users using schematics (as me). I have realized that with a netlist, an schematic connection, etc it is possible to implement autorouting as, could it be?

  • Thanks for your feedback.

    Actually autorouting comes before LVS. LVS in that context is supposed to ensure the router has not made an mistake. There are a couple of free routers available (e.g. Coriolis). But KLayout comes into play only afterwards.


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