Shortcut is ambigious

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Hello all,

I have upgraded KLayout from 0.24 to 0.26.4.
Before I upgraded, I could use Cntr+S which stands for "show as new tap"
But after I upgraded to 0.26.4, when I press Cntr+S, warning window poped up and it says, Keyboard shorcut is ambigious

How can I solve this problem?
It`s really annoying without this shortcut to use it.

Thank you in advance :smiley:

PS) Sorry for wrong category, I don`t know how to change it to general discussion


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    I admit that is a slight inconsistency. The "Show as new top" feature is present twice: once in the cell list context menu and once in the "Display" (aka "zoom_menu") menu.

    To avoid this conflict, you should undefine the shortcut in the cell list context menu like this:


  • Are such changes "nonvolatile" or must this be done every

  • Hi Jim,

    they should be persistent. If not I apologize: it's a bug then. Right now, the problem is the twofold binding and Ctrl+S is the default for one of them. So you can't change the other to Ctrl+S without creating this conflict. But just not setting the second to anything should do the job.


  • I am still hoping that the bindkeys will someday be made
    completely and arbitrarily overwritable (a bindkey save and
    load to / from an external file). The "special" status of the
    built-ins, I think is the root of the problem.

  • Thank you very much! :) it works perfectly

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