Automatic Snapshots of DRC Marker Results

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Hi all,

is there a way to iterate through all DRC error "Groups" markers and make one single screenshot of a single violation from this Group (just to give an example of the violation)?
I would be looking for an automated (scripted) way to do it since I have 33 gds files with RDB DRC results I need to comment on :smile:

I would further more need to translate this results including the snapshots to an excel sheet or html report.

Any idea? :neutral:

Thank you,
Best Regards,


  • Hi, Martin!

    If you use Python for scripting, I could recommend to use XLSXWriter for Excel reports generation.

  • Hi Martin,

    creating the screenshots is possible, but I have no experience with writing Excel sheets with images.

    Some code for generating screenshots and producing HTML is found in this example:


  • Hi guys,

    thank you for your hints. I found a ready to use mentor feature which is also generating a HTML report (quite nice actually). Nevertheless I would like to do it next time in Klayout since I truly love this tool.
    Thanks Matthias for this master piece.

    BTW (offtopic): is it possible to run drc layer generation hierarchical? I just got it running with "flattened" results.

    Best Regards,

  • Hi Martin,

    basically there is a hierarchical mode. Just add a line in front of your DRC script:


    Please note that the implementation is somewhat restricted. It works nicely for "well-behaving" hierarchies. It's mainly intended as preprocessing step for LVS. In the general - or nasty - hierarchical case, performance or memory footprint may suffer.

    For more details see here:


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