C++11/14 and code modernization

Hi, Matthias!

Are there any serious reasons, like old compiler(s), that prevent to switch C++11 or C++14?

It's also make sense to modernize code and Clang-tidy's modernize checks could automate transition. Compile database could be made with Bear or it's more advanced version (please note, that it's not installed with Clang :-(, you need to use it from source code).


  • Yes, I have a reason. CentOS6 for example which is still out there and used a lot.

  • I would like to add my support for "long tail" compatibility.

    One of my over-arching interests in klayout is that it can be
    "stood up" (compiled) for a wide range of systems / OSes.

    I have zero, or less than zero, need to chase the latest shiny
    object (oriented language version).

  • Current setting is -std=0x which means -std=c++11 (with some limitations) in older compilers.

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