Problem with Layers Panel width in windows version

Hi Matthias-

Small but somewhat annoying issue:
On the windows version 0.26 & 0.27 the layers panel will sometimes get very wide and take a large portion of the monitor width. Any attempts to drag it to a smaller size fail.
For me on 0.26, when I start new Klayout window everything is OK, but if I load another design to a new panel then the layers panel becomes wide and is stuck at this wide size. Even if I close the additional panel it would not get smaller afterwards.
A peer of mine just installed 0.27 and it is starting a s a wide Layers panel to begin with.

Regards, Itamar


  • Not seeing this in my Win10 0.26.8 setup.

    Is this "stuck" behavior happening both when
    "docked" and "floated"? For me both seem to
    respond normally to drag-width. Maybe there
    is something about the "auxiliary frame" that
    holds the layers, navigator, et al that's got a
    bad idea about size and overrides individual
    windows that are snapped into it?

  • Hi dick_freebird-

    It's stuck for both docked and floated modes.
    Can you try opening two different designs in the same Klayout window but different panels and see whether it will get stuck?


  • I tried that before posting, I could not get the
    adjunct windows to "get stuck wide".

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