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Hi, I updated to 0.27.3 and am struggling with the "Change all" function. I did not have this issue before when it was implemented differently.

Example 1: If I select a bunch of separate instances and want to change them all to a different cell, I check "Change all", but only one changes. If I scroll through "Next", I have to manually change each object.

Example 2: If I select different boxes and want to change the width of them all, I check "Change all" and uncheck "Relative", but only one changes. Again, I have to manually scroll through each object to change it.

I assume I'm just doing something wrong, but I don't know what else to try... help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance


  • I couldn't find the Change All function in my 0.26.8
    installation, but I would simply use the "q" property
    editor on the selected set, make sure I had the pane
    for Center / Size (if rectangles) selected, change
    the attribute of interest in the form and "Apply To
    All" (accepting the "Absolute" option from the
    pop-up) - it appears to not touch the ones that did not
    get altered in the form episode.

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    Yea, I used to use "Apply to All", but it appears to gone and replaced by "Change all", which is what I'm stumbling with :( thank you though! @dick_freebird

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    @aprxl The properties dialog now acts instantly when you change a value, so there is no "Apply" anymore. Using "Change all" will apply the changes immediately to all selected objects once you have enabled this feature.

    Here is a video showing the "Change all" feature for instances:


  • Ah ha, I was clicking change all after rather than before. Thank you @Matthias

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