No Binaries are generated - when I build klayout from source file (klayout-0.27.8.tar.gz)

I tried to build klayout multiple times, but I am not successful in building it I think so. I used below line to run

$ -j4 - build -bin

Build is successful without error; but no binaries are created under specified "bin" path.

I loaded following dependencies.


Kindly help.

  • Vinod S


  • This doesn't look like the install / build instructions I followed the
    last time I built from source. I don't recognize 'build' command in
    all that.

    I recommend you find and follow the basic instructions, and look
    at the log for complaints about dependencies or other "fails".

  • Hi Dick,

    I followed the link "" to install klayout 0.27.8. Below are the instructions mentioned from the link,

    tar hzxvf klayout-.tar.gz
    cd klayout-


    My line is below,

    depot-rhe7w4:vinsor01 > ./ -j4 -build /arm/scratch/vinsor01/othertools/klayout/rhe7/klayout-0.27.8 -bin /arm/scratch/vinsor01/othertools/klayout/rhe7/bin/

    As you mentioned, can you please share your installation steps that you build from source?

    • Vinod S
  • Sorry, I cannot help with such little information. Please share the build log and system details (compiler, Qt version, etc.). You'll need a few support packages like Ruby and Python development headers. KLayout is not very picky and does not have many dependencies. Still setting up a build on a company network requires some experience.


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