my layer names disappear

Hello, when i start a layout ( saved as GDS files) , i give a name to each layer , but when i go back to layer specifications, the window show only the number of layer, but the name disappear . it disappear also on the up right area with layer stack list ,can you help please ?


  • Somewhere in the Settings, there are options for what is
    shown in the layer window.

    You might also want to look at "Technologies" to make
    the layers config you like, "stick".

  • @Nacer There are two kind of layer names: database layer names and the layer description you give each layer in the layer list.

    GDS does not support database layer names, so you cannot use them in GDS.

    If you talk about the layer description in the layer list, you need to save them in "layer properties files" with "File/Save Layer Properties". If you load a GDS file you can load the layer properties files with "File/Load Layer Properties".

    Or you use a technology setup like @dick_freebird suggested.


  • I made my own layertables from paper sources, to
    save as .lyp - this is essential in any case, if you mean
    to keep working in a consistent environment. There you
    can add the human readable names if you like.

    I use the Technology just to make them easy to find and
    auto-load the same setup from one session to the next.

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